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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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up. we will talk about the veteran's day 1987. >> i remember that. >> wonderful day. 45 by 9:00. 58 at noon and 5:00 p.m. with highs between 57 and 68. satellite and radar showing another day with clear skies and some clouds out of the atlantic and few in ohio and west virginia but 40 here and 30s north and west. as we look closely you can see manassas 34. haymarket 42. college park 30s. it is 5:00 a.m. let's get some time saver traffic. >> overall taking a wide view of everything outside, we are doing okay. but a reminder we are looking at a holiday patten because of the veteran's day holiday. 16th and canal and connecticut, independence, rock creek parkway and beach drive. so please be careful and keep that in mind as you head out.
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66, no problems to report out here. show you the clear out commute out of centreville to inside the beltway. back to our maps, the next focus will be on the inner and outer loop in virginia. you can see from the graphics here, the same situation outside, everyone is moving at speed from the wilson bridge up to 95 making their way past 66. a quick check on the travel times reveals everyone is in the green from the outer loop to maryland to 95 southbound to the beltway and dc 295 to the 11th street bridge. coming up, a look at 267. back to you. >> well, a thing left undone led to grid welcome in georgetown. >> apparently a crew didn't finish a road repair and it caused a mess. the trouble radiated out on m street and canal road. kristin fisher is joining us to see if things are getting any better. >> good morning. things are definitely looking up this morning. keep in mind it is veteran's
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day, so we are not expecting to see as much traffic as you would on a normal work day. the reason it is getting better is also because of a temporary repair being set up over the hole there, the big steel plates. keep in mind, yesterday drivers were waiting over a half hour to get over the bridge and whitehurst freeway because of what is under the steel plates. look at the conditions yesterday. you practically needed an all terrain vehicle to get over the gain holes in the road. it started with a broken water valve and a traffic town. crews finished fixing it yesterday morning at 4:00 but they left the job before the road was in shape to handle the heavy traffic that came afterwards. many cars scraped gravel. traffic was even rerouted through an exxon station.
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finally contractors were called in to make temporary repairs by leveling the ground and placing steel plates over it that's the temporary fix. a permanent fix should be in place by monday morning. back to you. >> who do we point fingers at? who's at fault here? >> it was a dc water job, so therefore it is dc water's fault. they say they were aware of it and are working on it and don't know why the hole was left unfixed or uncovered before the morning rush yesterday morning. they didn't have an answer when we talked to them about this yesterday. but a pokesman wanted to -- a spokesman wanted to say that these have been a problem long before the civil war. so they are dealing with 'ole pipes here and that's what started it but why it was left there, that's a question that we still need answers to.
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back to you. >> thank you for the update. while you slept, president obama has held a series of meetings in seoul, south korea. >> at this hour, the president is starting what is called a working dinner with his g-20 counterparts. earlier in the day the president visited a u.s. military base and thanked the troops for their service on veteran's day. troops have been deployed since there since the korean war started 60 years ago. the president is trying to work out a new trade deal with them. the american anyone as he honeymoon killer has been transferred. his wife died while the couple was scuba diving the great barrier reef. they don't want to deport him until they have assurances he won't face the death penalty in alabama. the man accused of kill chandra levy is facing one less charge. he is still facing murder and
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kidnapping charges in the death of the dc intern. the prosecution rested the case yesterday. ingmar guandique's defense team is expected to ask the entire case be dismissed for what they call lack of evidence. a former frostburg state university student gets a sentence. hall pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in an off campus shooting. one died and one was wound. hall claims he fired in self- defense. the thirsty turtle handed over its liquor license. police say four were stabbed after a fight at that bar last month. and they were caught serving alcohol to under-aged clients. time for the money report of the morning. >> the day ahead on wall street. >> we were just talking about
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it. g-20, become-20, g-20 is what wall street is focusing on. yesterday a lot of caution in the market, worries about europe's growing debt problems weighing on stocks but in trading we saw stocks higher in asia. the dow stands at 11357. it added ten points yesterday. the nasdaq climbed by 15 and the s&p was up by five. you women out there, have you ever gotten a recommendation letter written about you that said things like you are social and caring? that's nice, right. turns out it could have cost you a job. ongoing research at rice university said that the characteristics dump sharply for women than men. and those may be costing women jobs and promotions in academy deem ya and medicine.
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ready, set shop for the holidays. do you know what clothing and accessories to get your lady. >> don't buy it. >> here's one place to start. mike, check out if you are willing to be open. it lists the top ten fashion gifts for women. dresses, denle , coat and cardigans. and today, they plan to offer free shipping no minimum purchase on 60,000 gift items including toys and electronics. this could be a big game changer this season. we could see a lot of sites having to follow wal-mart's lead on this. >> i will never buy clothes or accessories for my wife. sorry, i'm not doing it because i will get it wrong. men want a script. them me what to do and i will do it. >> sounds like he was getting in trouble. >> i was not a fan of the palm
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pilot i got one year. >> case and point. >> we will look at the deal available for veterans and active service members who that are available today and through the next couple of days. so what would you do if you found out your kids ' college tuition was going to be tripled? >> get ahold of something and hold on tight. that very proposal led to a violent reaction as tens of thousands protested in london. and there's a new theory. one that could explain what caused the big trail in the sky in california recently. we'll explain.
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we have another nice day for you but a chilly start. get the jackets as we are starting in the 30s and 40s. the day planner for this thursday, upper 40s by 9:00. noon and 5:00, upper 50s.
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north winds around ten. the highs 5 and 63. it is coming up on 5:10. go to angie with the time saver traffic. >> all is a go, virginia. traveling on the dulles toll road past the airport and reston toward tysons corner. coming up in our next report at 5:17, we will have a look at the main maryland roads. back to you. making news now, police in london say they were overwhelmed by the size of a student protest. >> this is a big one. around 50,000 people demonstrated against lawmakers and their plans to triple college tuition fees. some of the protesters made it to the conservative party headquarters tearing down the ceiling, trashing the lobby and shattering sheets of glass. the disabled carnival cruiseship splendor is expected to make it to port this afternoon. a fleet of tug boats is towing the ship back to san diego. nearly 4500 guests and crew have been without power since an engine fire on monday.
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besides a full refund, passengers are promised a free future cruise. it has been one of the most talked about stories of the week this week. what is the cause of this trail you see in the skies off of the coast of california. some enterprising investigators did a little digging and think it was a con trail from a u.s. air flight 8908 -- 808 from honolulu to phoenix. metro's chairman talks about problems with the transit system. plus, we offer you a reminder that the weather around here could be a lot worse on veteran's day. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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howard bernstein is standing by with the weather. >> this is in 1987. the storm was not forecasted. it came up with light snow flurry and cold morning and part of the problem back then, we don't have doppler radar. we didn't have lightning detection networks and we had a foot and a half of snow in prince georges county. less north and west but up to 95, and up to baltimore a good fight foot there. and it was quite quite a day
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back then. 23 years ago. andrea remembers it well. >> yes, i was hit near the old building. someone who didn't realize schools had been closed and they were out on the roads. >> they had to dismiss in all of this mess and it was a mess. today, a much nicer day around here. the bus stop forecast, we have got a chill in the air under clear skies. 30s and 40s this morning. winds not so bad. sun is up and sets at 4:58. the day planner for you, 9:00, 48 degrees. noontime temperature 58 and again at 5:00 looking at 58 degrees with generally clear skies. our highs should make it again 60, 62. 44 right now in town. a lot of 30s. in fact lower 30s martinsburg to frederick in the low 80s and cumberland 32. and 48 on the bay. from lou anne locally, 39
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laurel, gaithersburg. sterling 37 and haymarket is 41. ft. belvoir and springfield 43. in baden this morning, prince georges county, have 39 degrees. national checks with 34. feels like 40 thanks to the northwesterly winds at steven and the humidity is 77%. storm systems out in the western u.s. and the storm track is going to stay here the next several days. you will notice the snow in the mountains. rain trying to develop in the plains and for us high pressure continues with that storm off shore. now sinking to the south and southeast. finally clearing up after three wet days in boston. if you are traveling today, we have no problems here. in fact the whole east looks great. chilly in the northeast, boston 48. 60 philly. 73 cincinnati and going to memory or atlanta in the 70s. some gorgeous weather. that will be the case. it will continue as we look at the future cast through the day today. maybe a few showers in the outer banks and then we turn our attention to a developing
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storm in the plains. that gets here, looks like, by tuesday. cool today, 62. a pleasant day on friday, 64. look at the weekend, saturday, gorgeous, upper 60s. by sunday mid-60s and monday 62. a slight chance of a shower. the skins are home with the eagles on sunday night. it is 5:17. here's the time saver traffic. hope you are off to a great thursday, everybody. right now i like what i see. a reminder, because of the holiday, we have a weekend and holiday patterns in place for district roads include contact until, connecticut, rock creek parkway, independence and beach drive. looking at the outer loop in maryland, clean and green. moving it outside, you will find the lanes wide open from 95 to 270. back to our maps. this time the focus takes us to 270. making the southbound trip, happy to report no tieups at
5:18 am
this time from 121 to the split. a reminder, because of the holiday, the hov restrictions have been lifted. okay. a quick check on the travel times. dulles toll road six minutes to get from the beltway to 674. 95 southbound checking out okay and 295 no problems to the beltway. in the next traffic report, we will have a drive down the bw parkway. back to you. well, they have been the focus of many news stories, concerns about commuters. so 9 news now spoke with metro chairman about the safety of the system's escalators. >> problems are on the mind of riders after six were injured last month. benjamin told nine news that metro's escalators are safe but he admitted the escalators metro uses are old and no longer being manufactured. in order to make repairs, metro crews must rebuild each
5:19 am
escalator by hand, a process which will take time. >> we don't want any passenger ever to be injured. safety is a key thing that we all have to adopt as our number one priority, and i think we did do that. >> reporter: one thing he did say is metro should have moved the escalator brake warnings off the maintenance list and put them on the safety sensitive list, which means they would have received higher priority. a new look for the nationals. we'll give you a sneak peek. and hundreds of millions of basketball fans in china towned in to last night's wizards game. highlights next in sports. before we take a break, it's time for the question of the day. we all want better sleep and good dreams when we lay down for the night. >> a recent study suggests that if you eat an ounce of this before bed you will have both. what's the answer, cheese, humus, or peanuts? put your answer on our facebook page and we will reveal it in
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just a bit.
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49 at 9:00. sunshine and 58 at noon and clear skies and 58.
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looking at highs of 57 to 63 with north winds of ten. and starting off chilly at 30s and 40s. maryland plays a squeaker against one of the teams it is supposed to beat. >> exactly. john may be known as the great wall in china. brett haber has more in the sports. by the end of the night, a portion of the 400 million chinese who tuned in had been transformed in to john wall fans. yao had to leave after six minutes with more foot problems. same old for him. so the chinese left to root for ye. big night for him but not as big as john wall had. one of six steals for the rook. throws the hammer down and then
5:24 am
in the fourth another steal for wall and caps off his first career triple double. 19-10 and 13 times for wall. was hards win by seven. game two for maryland, hosting the college of charleston. howard bails them out. terps now up one. here is charleston. three seconds left. andrew good luck. but it rims out an look at gary williams. is that a face? he needs a massage and only two games in to the season. terps win. the nationals unveil their new uniforms for 2011. and the big chain is no more national across the front of the jersey, which i guess means no more chance to misspell it. the boys liked it a lot. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber, have a great thursday. hope they will do as well
5:25 am
as the uniforms look. in six minutes, higher taxes and working later in life are among proposals floated to cut the federal deficit. and efforts to keep an unfinished road repair to keep the route through georgetown. the next traffic is coming up at 52 t. we will check on the district roads and how the holiday is impacting them. happy veteran's day, everybody. you are watching 9 news now. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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welcome back. it is veteran's day and we thank them for their service and duty. a great day coming up.
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>> i have been earning my stallry this week. >> we met sylvia yesterday. she was getting off the bus and she loves it in the morning and give us a great forecast. >> another great day for you. sun will be out and temperatures fine this afternoon. this morning, i want to caution you here, it is a little op the cold side. some spots in the low 30s out there. look at the day planner. on this thursday, veteran's day, we salute those who served and those who have served. look at that 3:00 p.m. temperature around 60. we will finish with clear skies and 55 degrees. some showers yesterday off to the east in the morning but look, nothing out. there it is quiet once again. high pressure in control. there's the temperatures in the 30s in the shenandoah valley. down to 32 luray. gaithersburg 37 and we are at 44. it is 5:29. here's the time saver traffic. happy thursday, everybody.
5:30 am
because of the holiday, a reminder that all hov restrictions have been lifted with the exception to 50 traveling in maryland. we have a lot of district roads impacted on holiday or weekend schedules because of this. 16th street is one of them. right now the lanes are wide open. no problems to report. back to the maps, another road impacted will be canal and fox hall. as we take a look at that outside, this is a reminder of two-way travel on the roadways out here this morning. a look at the travel times reveals no problems on the inner loop in virginia, outer loop in maryland or 66 eastbound in virginia. still ahead in the next report, we are checking on the george washington parkway. back to you. he may be dining overseas a this hour but the president is really serious about coming up with some deficit-cutting proposals. >> absolutely. a commission appointed by the president came up with ideas that won't be popular. they include reducing cost of living increases for those on
5:31 am
social security, raising the retirement age to 69 and higher taxes. the commission's final report is due on december 1st. an off-duty prince georges county police officer exchanged gun fire with a would be robber. the department spokesperson says the plain clothes officer was getting out of his car in the 8500 block of greenbelt road. the man approached him at an apartment complex and demanded his wallet. at some point, the police say the suspect fired on police and the officer returned fire the officer was fine, just a bullet hole in his jacket. traffic is rarely a picnic at the intersection of m street and canal road in georgetown, but it became a day long nightmare yesterday. crews did not complete road repairs after working on a broken water main leaving a track more suitable for all terrain vehicles. 9 news now's kristin fisher is there with what has been done
5:32 am
to avoid another mess today. does it look like it smooths out any this morning? it. >> is 5:30 in the morning so it is not a good gauge of what it will be like during the morning rush. but it is veteran's day sew with have that going for us. we have good news for drivers if they use these roads to get to work in the morning there is a quick fix, steel plates. this pipe dates back to before the civil war. it bursts and crews spent tuesday night doing their best to get it fixed and they did fix it but left the road still in a state of disrepair before the morning rush. if you look at this video, you can see what drives had to deal with. we are talking about deep muddy ruts that caused many cars to scrape gravel. at least one collision was reported. traffic slowed to a crawl. at one point it was rerouted
5:33 am
through the exxon gas station, where i am standing at now. finally contractors were called in and they put the temporary steel plates in place. as for a permanent fix, dc water says we will have to wait until monday. back to you. security is being ramped up around georgetown. that's because a rash of burglaries in the area over the last few weeks. the plan is for more patrols around off campus apartments and new security added. they are conducting i.d. checks in the air as well -- area, as well. police are offering advice to bike riders. use u-lock. they say this small step can prevent bike thefts. 395 bicycles have been reported stolen across the county this year. a number of them were secured using chains with padlocks or cable lock and police recommend to register your bike with the
5:34 am
police department. you will receive a decal that maybe a visible detriment to thefts and your bike will be on file in case it is stolen. some serious budget woes when the general assembly comes back in january. the state of maryland's budget gap is $1.6 billion over the next fiscal year. the deficit between what the state gets and expenditures is 2.1 billion. they estimate the state will make $217 million from slots in cecil county and in ocean city. future site like the one approved for anne arundel have not been factored in the budget. time for another your money report. >> jessica is here with the latest. >> we have freebies in honor of veterans day. we will see freebies for restaurants and services. this is really good stuff. as a rule of thumb, all that is
5:35 am
needed to got the freebies is is a valid military i.d. or documentation you are a veteran. if you want free food, head to applebees or chili's. here's the details. all veterans an active duty military can eat from a limited dine in menu at participating store. beverages and tip not included. participating tgi fridays are offing the same deals through november 14th. at subway locations get a free sub and a sweet deal at krispy kreme, you can get one free doughnut of any variety and it doesn't stop with food. we have some services to tell you about. these are discounts. home depot and loews. they are offering a 10% discount to all activity military, reserved, retired or disabled veterans and their family members. the best part about this this is all year long and good all year round. and foot locker is offering 20%
5:36 am
off with a foot locker veteran's advantage card on participating purchases at stores and on-line. and go to the u.s. national parks, they are honoring by not charging entrance fees but just for today. >> good stuff. >> love to hear stuff like that. >> they deserve it. >> they do. >> thank you, jessica. some lawmakers are suggesting that federal workers take a cut in pay. >> just in time for veteran's day an artist combines the history of one service branch in to an iconic image. and as we all know, today is veteran's day and we thank veterans if their service. >> absolutely. did you also know it is also origami day. get some paper and start folding. we'll be right back.
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clear skies out there. some 30s north and west of town. we're in the this low to mid- 40s. a look at the day planner will show we will see sunshine. upper 40s approaching the 9:00 hour. upper 50s at lunchtime and also at 5:00 p.m. with a high today. north and west, some spots in the 50s. many areas in the low 60s. angie is here with the time saver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we are traveling down the gw parkway. all is clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. volume light. next up n in the next report, that's coming up at 5:47. a check on virginia main roads where we have the hov restrictions lifted. thank you. our time is 5:39. getting work in washington could be tougher and less rewarding financially if republicans get their way. the man expected to be the next
5:40 am
house speaker john boehner is calling for a freeze in federal hiring and pay and others are suggesting a pay cut. "usa today" reported yesterday on the huge jump in the number of federal workers now earning six figures. ment. opm says almost all of the workers earn len less their their civilian counterparts and president obama asked for a pay raise for workers. evens for veteran's day started early at the marine corps museum because they celebrated their birthday a day early. it featured unveiling of a work called uncommon valor that combines i amages from the corps' founding in 1775 to the war in afghanistan, all in the
5:41 am
shape of the iwo jima memorial. an extraordinary fine is proposed for those behind the robo calls made on election day. legendary recording artist delivers a message to students an it has nothing to do with music. here's who's celebrating a birthday today -- ring ring. progresso.
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are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ welcome back. >> every time we come out at break we are giving you the weather. we want you to know we will give that to you every day, every time so you can plan your
5:45 am
day. let's get you going. another chilly one. weather has not changed much this week. weather is stagnant. the storm in the atlantic and storms out west and around here high pressure is in control and will continue to be in control for several more days. here we go at the bus stop this morning them bus stop forecast, clear and chilly. in the 30s and 40s. not that much wind. so jackets and gloves should be it for you this morning. the sunrise at 6:46 and the sunset 4:58. by noon still sunny and northernly winds. upper 50s and when we head home at 5:00 p.m., 58. we will top off low 60s here this afternoon. we have 48 on the bay in annapolis. cambridge is 45. 46 now -- or 49, excuse me, at the pax air station. where the winds are dead calm, frederick, manassas, no
5:46 am
influence of water, down to 30s. cumberland and petersburg 32. light northwest wind at seven makes it feel like 40 and dew points in the 30s. nice, dry air. and dry air heats up quickly and cools off quickly at night. expecting highs in the 60s. you can see the clouds. boston, they have had rain three days this week. every day this week they will get some sunshine. and then looking at showers in missouri. fronts out to the west, as i said, things are slowly moving. we won't see them until early next week, maybe not until tuesday. the future cast is quiet through the afternoon and evening. quiet. through tonight, through tomorrow, you get the picture. clear and quiet. although out west, as we head to friday, notice the rain here in the mississippi valley but even some snow here by saturday morning across minnesota and western iowa. that's all moving in our
5:47 am
direction. so eventually, not the snow but the moisture, eventually we will get in on rain. this veteran's day will be a cool one, but a nice one. 62 degrees. for friday pleasant and 64 and very nice saturday, beautiful saturday, upper 60s. friday night football should be comfortable with temperatures falling to the 580s. 66 on sunday. skins are home on monday night. slight chance of a shower but a better chance of rain on tuesday. dropping to the low 50s. it's time saver traffic with angie. we do have a tieup to report to you. it comes to us from the capital beltway in maryland. watch for a disabled vehicle. we are losing two lanes this way. a wider view of the area, everyone else is checking out okay. we will go closer to 95 in virginia. looks like a one-hour drive out of fredericksburg past quantico up to the mixing bowl. no problems along the way. back to the maps. this time our focus moves us in
5:48 am
to 395. we are tracking a lot of green cars this way. okay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. watch for the construction taking away the left lane. dc 295, no problems to report. seven minutes trying to get to the 11th street bridge. the inner loop is okay from route 4 to the wilson bridge. and dc southbound 295, or excuse me, 95 in maryland from 216 to the beltway looking at nine. in the next traffic report at 6:00, we are kicking off the hour with a trip on the inner loop in more. back to you. -- in maryland. back to you. the food and drug administration wants to use shock factor to scare people away from smoking. the agency is proposing putting a photo warning on cigarette packages with images, including a cancerous lip and a diseased ring. the fda says this tactic has worked in over countries. outrage at amazon because of a book it is selling called
5:49 am
the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. a child lover's code of conduct. the author says he give provocative titles to all of his work and he says it is not a how to book for criminals but actually to keep them away from children. a new record at auctions. christie's sold the 1964 print yesterday for almost $43 million to an anonymous bidder. that's the highest price ever paid for a work by the artist. the attorney general is seeking an enormous fine for the robo calls. it has been accused of ordering calls saying that democrats had basically won and made the poll -- and those calls were made before the polls were closed. >> this was with the bent to suppress voter turnout, much
5:50 am
like literacy tests. >> the complaint is asking for $168 million, $500 for each call. henson was paid by republican bob ehrlich's campaign as a consultant but there is no indication that ehrlich knew about the calls. a famous singer/song writer comes to howard university. >> he wasn't encouraging them to follow in his footsteps but he wants them to consider to returning to the clam after college. >> what don't i know about john legend love, absolutely love john ledgen vend's music. >> reporter: the award winning artist didn't come to howard or sing or talk about anything glamorous. instead he wondered aloud how many here may choose something more mundane but far more important, becoming a teacher. >> we continue to live in a opportunity where opportunities are not equal and unfortunately here in america a lot of that
5:51 am
is perpetuated and institutionalized in our classrooms every day. >> many students did not know that legend graduated from the university of pennsylvania, ivy league but he says it is sad to foe that so many minority opportunities don't have anywhere near that sort of opportunity. >> it is not fair. it's not the way america is supposed to be but it is happening. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of education, arne duncan seeks to fix the problem, his priority, recruit more minority teachers for our country which needs a million new teachers period. >> there's nothing more important than african-american and latino men can do than to come and be part of the solution. we want the teachers to reflect the diversity of young people. >> they are working to make sure the best teachers get the best pay. >> we have created an environment where we say it is okay for our best people to want to teach. >> in you choose to become a teacher, i know we will be much
5:52 am
closer to living in a society we should be living in. >> looking in tonal case actually after listening to that. >> i'm considering becoming a teacher. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> and becoming a teacher could pay off in another way. congress has passed a law for the income-based repayment program. it would forgive tuition debt for those who teach for ten years. great incentive. an engaged couple took many of the top honors at the country music association awards. >> on her 27th birthday, miranda lambert took home album of the year. blake shelton had two trophies. one of the cohosts, brad paisley got the coveted entertainer of the year award. and coming up, a fashionable new dc photo exhibit features models on four legs. >> very cute. plus, one of four friends returns to tv after his short
5:53 am
live attempted spin off. shopping for a new credit card that treats you right and gives you great rewards. i have a list of the best ones out there and i will tell you what they are. you are watching 9 news now. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits a delicious addition to the family. simply... new from pillsbury.
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welcome back. a temperatures 9:00, upper 40s. maybe near 50 in one or two spots. in the 50s for the lunch hour. mid if not upper 50s by then and 3:00 looking at highs today in to the lower 60s. another beautiful day ahead. mike, and ya? >> thank you. we all want better sleep and good dreams when we lay down for the night. >> sure do. a recent stink study suggests if you eat an ounce of this before you go to bed you will have both. >> cheese, humus or peanuts. >> the answer is a, cheese, a 2005 study by the british cheese board found that even an ounce of cheese helped people, 73% of the study's participants sleep better. en67% of those involved in the study remembered having pleasant dreams, especially if they ate che dare. >> the main reason appears to
5:57 am
be an amean toe acid that has been shown to induce sleep. it shows that different cheeses can leave you with different kinds of dreams. block of brie before bed. i could do that. oh my goff, the paparazzi was at the first ever fashion for paws photo exhibit. it happens every spring but this fall it returns for the first time in pictures. more than a dozen photographers covering past years shows featured their work at georgetown's lq as part of photo week dc. and that's not what you are looking at. >> my mind jumped to the false for paws program because it is one of the first events [ inaudible ] >> reporter: all right. here we go. the next show is april 9th,
5:58 am
2011 at the national building museum. it is getting comedies outside and metromix wants you to escape some place warm. we are giving a stay at the aruba marriott resort for you and a friend to celebrate the sex and the city dvd release. i'm going to announce the winner here on the air on november 16th. while you are on-line, check out the veteran's day specials. we have listed the restaurants and deals to honor service members today. that and more can be found at former "friends "star matt leblanc returns to television in a role as a himself. mary hart looks at the comedy and why the new role is a challenge. so i would be playing matt he
5:59 am
bank. >> right. >> it is not really me. >> friend's star matt leblanc returns to television. >> way off. huge admirers -- we are huge admirers of yours. >> matt does play himself in episodes, but with a huge ego. >> no. no. n-o. >> it was hard. some of the things he does have not that nice but there's my name. >> in the show, a couple imports their show to the states but has to deal with matt as the star of the american version. >> no, i'm with ya. you are english, have a show. >> i wouldn't do that. or i wouldn't do this. >> got a money truck, ready to drive up to your house. >> how big 0 a truck? >> all in all it was fun and we had a good time. >> all right. now over to howard. a man who deserves his own show for the great weather report you are giving us. >>


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